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Patented Maxjet Ink Jet Continuous -Feed Plug and Play self contained web cleaner, means maximizing your ink jet printer investment.
Max Jet Continuous feed InkJet printer Web Cleaner,
is a stand-alone web cleaner placed between the unwinder and the printer that Maximizes throughput, Increases Print Head life, and maintains Optimum Print Quality.   Designed specifically for High-speed continuous feed - inkjet printers.
MaxJet has an internal, Blower Cyclone separator, that drops all paper dust to the self-contained lower collection tray, for easy automatic emptying.  
MaxJet never loses vacuum caused by clogged filters.  Works with all Ricoh, Screen, Xerox-Impika continuous web, inkjet Printers.  Best of all the Maxjet will not become obsolete with a Max throughput speed of 3000 feet per minute.  
YOUR actual throughput is what matters.

MaxJet, Max POD, Max 2100 are registered trade marks of MTS, LLC. 


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